Tuesday, December 15, 2009

World behind my Wall - World Video Premiere

Wow... That pretty much sums up the World Video Premiere of "World behind my Wall".
One more video for my Favourites list.

You've gotta watch it on the Tokio Hotel website.

In other news, my googles which I purchased from eBay has yet to arrive...
I hope it arrives before I go off to Western Europe in about a week.

I dyed my hair, and I'm loving every strand of it!
It's a red base with blond highlights, so I'm kinda like a man walking with my head on fire!
But it's cool, I like this new style, and would probably keep it!

Tokio Hotel keeps me sane from my mum's constant rant about how great Gackt (Her idol) is...
Thank the stars!

They're telling me it's beautiful
I believe them but will I ever know
The world behind my Wall

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