Friday, January 2, 2009


It's 2009! I wanted to put up this post yesterday on the 1st of Jan, but I was too tired. I spent the 1st of Jan 2009 sleeping! But it was only for 6 hours.

For the last few days of 2008 I've been feeling disturbed? Uncomfortable? Irritated? Till now I can't really pinpoint what I felt exactly, but it wasn't good, that's for sure. As I crossed over to 2009 I was still feeling the same for about an hour or two, but after that there was a release, things became easier for me.

He's been too good to me, and while I wasn't deserving of anything from Him, He has given me so much!

I believe there is more in 2009 for me! It is my 2nd chance, and I intend to make full and good use of it!

My "NEEDS" list (For it's not just a want, but a NEED)
1) Bring myself back to my first love.
2) Have more faith in my God.
3) Be faithful in my prayer and fastings.
4) Make the right educational choice
5) Bring my mum to church yet again.
6) Get into ministry. (But only if step 1, 2 and 3 are accomplished)

I'm excited about what 2009 will bring. It will be bitter yet sweet, this I know. But I intend to make it 100% sweet if possible! And with Jesus for me, nothin will be IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Welcoming 2009 with expectancy!

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