Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Away from the Hotel.

So, I'm now back at home, typing away on my dilapidated laptop...
All I want for X'mas is a brand new one. Sadly, that didn't come true.
I'm on my bed, resting my sprained knees (No thanks to the army), and just sitting here thinking of what to do for the day. Perhaps I should pamper myself a little, spend $70 for a full body massage. Or perhaps rock out to ToHo tunes. Maybe get some gymming done. No lower limb activities though. That would be a real killer on my knees... But all in all, the day is gonna be a real lazy one. And I do believe that any off day that I get away from the Hotel, would be a lazy one.

Geist und Mensch,
Lass uns schlafen.

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