Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eine Neue Jahre.

Eine Neue Jahre.
2010 has come and gone... Real swift, might I add...
I made a real bold move tonight, and I hope it's recipocrated.

To all my readers, no matter where you're from or who you are.
Thank you for bearing with me, I know I might be boring at times, but you guys have been really faithful, being with me whether it's good or bad. I love you guys no matter what ^^

To the friends who've been with me the past year or so. (Lokies, Fen Mien, Morgan, Nicky, Eleni, Tiki, etc, etc...)
I love you guys, you guys make my life so much more bearable The times I feel like killing myself, I stop and think about you guys, and suddenly death seems so foolinsh. Thank you so much for making this year so wonderful, though it was swift... But cheers to the new decade!

To Morgan specifically.
Thanks for bearing with me. I know I am mean at times, but then again it's just me. So forgive me for that. Hope you have a really great 2011 and that it'll be good for you ^^
With all my love, Thayron Elijah Sim.

So another year has come and gone, the passing of time.
The closer to Death we are. But let us make the most of the time left.
And together, hopefully, to World Peace.

Cheers to the new decade. To technological progress, to more tolerance to those different from us. To greater understanding between nations and ideologies. To financial stability, to territorial stability.

To all the under priviledeged people of the world.
Have hope. The day will come when your suffering will end. The starving families in Africa, This New Year, may your bellies be full and may greater thins come for you.

To the abused children of the world.
Have hope Though home may not seem like home, know that there are always people that care for you, and love you. The world might seem like a cruel place, but there is always something out there worth living for.

To the AIDS/HIV sufferers.
Have Hope, the day will come when a cure will arrive. May your days ahead be filled with joy and calm. No suffering on your end, and I ask for greater understanding and empathy for those non-AIDS/HIV sufferers.

To all the people that need help or counselling.
I just want you all to know, whether you know me in person or not, I wanna be here to give y'all a shoulder to lean on. I wanna be here for all the people who don't have what I have. You can contact me in several ways
Through Facebook : Thayron Elijah Sim
Through E-mail:
Or just leave a comment on my blog.

I'll be here to help you as best I can. So, loves to all of you.
Hope is something we can all cling on to.

To the new decade. *Cheers*

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