Thursday, December 2, 2010

Joy and Sorrow.

What is good and evil?
What is right and wrong?
Merely concepts of morality that keep us in check.
Death will come regardless of how good or evil you are.
Contradicting that I hold animal's lives as dear. Yet treat human life with such contempt.
Perhaps it's the fact that we understand.

Well, enough with the emoing.
I'm glad I spent quality time with my family, and I got to see my dad smile at me.
I know that he's not proud of me still, and that he holds my brother in higher regard.
I just wish that pride wasn't an issue...

Well, enough ranting...
I haven't used my blog to tell about my day as of late, so I shall just dedicate a little section to it.
My day started late, at around 10am, with me heading to work and doing what is neccessary.
Got treated to lunch by my aunt, since I'm leaving the company for NS soon. And she got me an NS man's handy for X'mas ^^ Joy!!!
She even bothers to gift wrap it, so I appreciate it alot.
And the day ends with me chatting with my family and blogging right now.

I wish I could be there with you right now. To share my joy and my sorrows.
You probably know it, cause I know it. That 'like' is something I've gone beyond with you.
When the day comes and I tell you how I feel. I hope you'd accept me. Though if you reject me, I'll understand.
But we'll be friends for as long as possible ne?

Well, ladies and germs. 7 days and a couple of hours left.

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