Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Wanderer.

The Wanderer walks,
Empty and blue.
He walks for miles,
Over land and sea.

The reason for his wandering,
He wouldn't say.
Passerbys could only,
Wonder and sigh.

He walks over mountains.
Crosses over seas.
Walking through the scorching day,
Walking through the freezing night.

At last, at last,
His destination, he came to be.
The place he could find solace.
The place where he should be.

In the home of a friend.
So warm and so safe.
In the presence of a friend.
So warm and so safe.

The Wanderer laid down to rest,
His head touched the ground, and he was no more.
Out he was, like a candle in a breeze.
Soundly asleep forever more.

1 comment:

Alano said...

Wow. Very inspiring.
Love it
Real nice. I get what your saying.