Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The red sun shines

The red sun shines,
O'er the fields and o'er the sea.
The red sun shines,
But not o'er me.

My life is lived in solitude,
My eyes see in black and white.
My ears are used to silence,
I live my life despite.

I used to see in colour,
I used to sing in rhyme.
But ever since you left my sight,
All I do is mime.

I long for you once more,
I live to see the day.
But the days go by and you don't come,
"Give up." That's what they say.

I wander about the street.
I shamble in the alley.
I get back home onto my sheet,
And darkness is all I see.

The red sun shines, o'er the sheet,
And finally o'er me.
The red sun shines, onto me
And blood is all they see.

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