Monday, July 26, 2010

Home at last! I think...

At last my long journey comes to an end...
I am safely at home now, and so I'm gonna blog and unpack my luggage at the same time.
The journey started on the 15th of July. Flying from Singapur to London.
Then from London to Paris.
Then Paris to Barcelona.
Then Barcelona to Munich.
Then Munich to Bochum.
Then Bochum to Frankfurt.
And finally from Frankfurt to Singapur...

I'm home at last. But somehow I don't feel home...
I shan't regale my tales of adventure here. At least not now...
I shall however tell it to those who wish to hear, so just ask.

London Bridge

The Tower of London

The London Eye

Parliament House and Big Ben

Same, except with Westminster Abbey

St. Paul's Cathedral

I love this car...

Arc de Triomphe


Tequila Sunrise, in the afternoon... Bad idea...

Jojo und Ich in Paris

Jojo und Ich in Muenchen

Many Gackt fans and I in Bochum

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