Sunday, June 13, 2010

Clubbing virgin no more!

It was an absolutely amazing night!
And I'm proud to say that my clubbing virginity has been taken!

I was so excited and slightly apprehensive, not knowing what to expect.
But my fears were unfounded.
The night started at Taboo, where I watched a drag show, celebrating Christina Aguilera's new album, "Bionic". Met a few people while I was there, and it was a great start to an awesome night!

We headed down to Tantric, just opposite Taboo to grab some drinks there.
It was my first time drinking without parents, outside and in a club. So I had a Long Island.
Wonderful drink, not too strong, just nice. And I was just dancing along,drink in my hand. Absolutely crazy!
I met somemore people there, and they were all just wonderful people to be with!

After Tantric, we went on to Play, which is where we spent most of the remainder of the night.
I paid for my most expesive coke there. $15.00!!! But fuck it! I enjoyed myself, and that's what matters!
Then someone came and bought me a drink. I was really happy!
Then I was pulled to the dance floor, just in time to dance to the last 3 songs for the night!
And as much as I said "I don't dance.", there was no denying it. I was dancing last night!

The night was coming to an end, with us heading down to Maxwell food center. I didn't eat, just drank.
And we were just talking and chilling, and then we headed down to Chinatown to grab a cab home.

The night ended at 5.45am. Just 5 hours after it had started...
But I absolutely enjoyed those 5 hours with all the wonderful people.
And I wouldn't have changed a single moment of it, even if I could.
I've still got much to learn. But I ain't afraid no more.

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