Friday, March 26, 2010

New home... At last!

To all my dear friends,

This time, it's official. After almost one year of saying that I'll be moving, it is now confirmed.
My family and I will be moving out of Parc Oasis to a new home, which to my surprise, and yours as well, won't be at Centris at Jurong Point.

Instead we will be moving to another place which is far more spacious, when compared to Centris. (Which isn't hard by the way...) Date of moving is not confirmed yet, but will be sometime in the first week of April.
Just in time for my dad's birthday, and mine.

Am looking forward to packing up the rest of my books, DVDs, doodles, games, clothes, shoes, bags, etc...
Most of my stuff has been packed and moved to Centris... So it seems that we'll have to move my stuff from Centris to our new abode.

Looking forward, as well, to shopping for new furniture tomorrow.
My week is almost complete...
All that's left is arts and craft materials for my Cat O' Nine Tails.
For those interested to know where I'm moving to, you can text me.

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