Sunday, March 14, 2010

I was on the couch when you walked in.
You sat next to me, came close to me.
We talked, we laughed.
We listened and we heard.
Through the smile on your face,
I saw it wasn't true.
I asked what was wrong,
you looked down and kept silent.
Minutes passed.
You did not shed a tear.
"What's wrong?" I asked again
Tenderness in my voice.
You lifted up your head.
Our eyes connected.
I saw in it, confusion, sadness...
You tried to look away.
I wouldn't allow it.
I pulled you into a tight embrace.
You let go.
Your tears fell.
Your body shook,
Like an autumn leaf in the breeze.
We sat on the couch,
I in you, you in I.
My hand entwined in yours.
You stroke your hand through my hair.
and I caressed your cheek.
Lovers forever.
Till the end of time.
My fate is yours.
And yours is mine.
Together, forever.
Till the end of days.

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