Sunday, March 14, 2010

BBQ Fiasco!

So, I just got back from our, pretty eventful BBQ...

Main event: Everyone, well almost everyone, got into the pool. As I predicted.

My bro's friend's handphone got wet, and he's not mad.
Still Those who got him into the pool, pooled our money (No pun intended!) and gave it to him to get a new phone. He politely refused it. While I "politely" insisted.

We hanged around after everyone left and chatted a little. Talked about stuff. Drank a little...
And so I'm ecstatic, but depressed at the same time... Damn hormones....

Anyways, to my 2 British-accent speaking compatriots and Double Talk fiends.
My bro's friend is not mad at you. And weirdly, he never gets mad.
He's accepted our money and he told me to say thanks to you 2.
Also, thanks for coming down! I enjoyed my time together with the both of you.
Hope you had enough to eat, and I sincerely hoped that you enjoyed yourself.
With fond and warm regards,

And also, I'm so touched that my brother would think of me the most if he were to move out.
I love you too bro!

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