Friday, May 27, 2011

Fond Memories

They were fond memories...
Memories of you and I.
How I would wait for you, but never you for I.
We would never see each other's face, just see each other's words.
And we'd read and read those messages, and feel that everything was alright.
But then you decided that you were too busy one day.
But still I waited for you. Always at night, just waiting, just waiting.
Till one day you just stopped completely, and I knew that things could never be.
Your attempts to contact me again, met with something cold.
There was nothing left between us. Just a gap that was once filled.
We left, on perhaps, not the best of terms. But still I hoped that we would remain friends.
I should've realized that it was never meant to be.
Two insane people, were never meant to be. Likes repel, and unlikes attract.
We would've seeked too much attention, that neither of us could give.
We would ultimatley kill ourselves in our pursuit for love...
But t'is quite sometime already...
Let's forget it and just move on.

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