Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've noticed things about me.

1) I've been feeling really restless within. Though it doesn't show outwardly, inside I'm screaming for freedom... It's painful, and it really hurts. But after so long the pain is numbed. Now riddle me this. Is that good or bad?

2) Emails from you in the morning makes me smile. That is the one thing that I hope time won't change.

3) I'm feeling a little apprehensive of the future, and what it'll bring. It's always the unknown which scares the shit outta me...

4) I find it easier to believe that like minded people from elsewhere genuinely appreciate me for who I am. Sorry to all those who don't fit in this category.

I am a person with the need to be active. My mind needs to be stimulated at all times through creative thinking, problem solving and thinking deeply. A good debate from time to time helps as well.

Besides being mentally active, I do appreciate being physically active as well. Anything that isn't sports would do. Recreational activities. Rock climbing (Though I haven't done it in almost 4 years), Parkour (Though I haven't really got the necessary skills), etc, etc...

Why I'm writing this, I've got no idea...
A testament to my boredom.

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