Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am Chaos

I have watched the milleniums go by...
Not a day passes without my watching.
The strings of the universe are pulled by me.
I am not God. I am not the Devil. I am not Fate.
Who am I? What am I? Irrelevant questions that have no answers.
The most brilliant of minds fail to grasp who I am.
The simplest of minds, don't know what I am.
I am He who walks among the stars.
The Giver of Life, the Destroyer of Worlds
I place each star in it's proper place, and light up the night sky.
The sun sits in my right hand. The moon in my left.
My right hand burns daily, yet is not burnt.
My left hand freezes nightly, yet is not frozen
The complexity of my insanity is absurdity in action.
I create the creatures of myths, and the constructs of doom.
Unicorns and centaurs, sirens and minotaurs.
All are my children, all are my children's children.
The Golden Angels stand behind me, dictating what I speak.
The Silver Angels stand beside me, deciphering what I think.
But my dearest of children, the Iron Angels, sit at my feet.
Ready to fly on wings of cold metal, and do my bidding.
And so that is my entourage. A mixture of the high and the low.
We travel the starry lanes, visiting each world that I have crafted.
We travel to different dimensions, sowing discord and harmony.
I am Peace Bringer, and War Monger.
I am Light and Dark. Life and Death.
The absurdity of my action is the complexity of my insanity.
Erratic are my movements, irrational are my thoughts.
Slurred is my speech and broken are my limbs.
I am Chaos.

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