Thursday, March 19, 2009

I can boast to many works done out of insecurity,
And credit many conversations to my immaturity.
While I'm misunderstood You are understanding me.
And showing me how grace is enough.

For everything that I've done right, seems like a thousand I've done wrong.
And I keep on losing count of all the times my flesh has won.
And when the light of Christ that's in me is overshadowed by the fall.
You are showing me how grace is enough.

When I feel unworthy,
So undeserving.

Still I can come, just as I am.
For I find Your love, is free of condition.
So I will run, to Your wide open arms,
Where I am accepted,
Where I am forgiven.
Grace is enough for me,
Your grace is enough for me.

I've been quick at passing judgement, when I'm worthy of conviction.
And at times I've measured virtue, only based on my relegion.
But theology it seems, is not the thing that's saving me
And showing me a grace that's enough.

T'would be nice for it to be true in my life.

But no matter how hard I try, I still seem trapped.
Attempts to climb up the sides have been futile.
All I've succeeded in doing is dig a deeper hole.
I'm trapped in the fowler's snare.

A moment's respite is all I ask.
Yet it seems denied to me.
Why should it be?
I don't know why.

If I had not known of God or Jesus, would I go to heaven or hell if I die?

March is coming to an end already. And yet from another perspective, it could be the start of a new journey. Hopefully the gale will cease. The seas calm and be suitable for sailing.

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