Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saying Goodbye?

It's hard to describe the mood that I currently bear.
Is it one of neutrality? Or is it one of apathy?
Have I lost my feelings and become numb to all that I am?

I am dying...
Losing myself to the madness that is reality.
To the demons of realness and cruelty.

They are pulling me away from all that I love.
And have come to acknowledge as my own.
As a part of me...

The next few weeks are not my own.
I will be undertaking one of the tougher parts of my training...
And it is here that I will decide whether I stand or fall.
And when I fall, do I do it lying down?
Or do I go fighting till the end?

Words for mself to ponder and reflect upon...
Well... Time to fly.
Fly to the last vestiges of all that is me...
And we shall see if it is time to say goodbye.

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