Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Phew... What a relief... I had thought that something might've happened between us or something...
Ugh... I love the fact that my psychological disorders create something unique in me, but at the same time it drives me nuts when it makes me paranoid and delusional. Sometimes only.

Still, it is Wednesday, and I've only another 3 nights here before I get home.
Monday is a holiday, and no need to return till Monday night.
It should be fine ^^
I think I'll plan something with my friends, or perhaps I'll just stay home and continue building up my creativity. We'll see...
Other than that, I've got speed training in the morning, followed by games, lunch, some lecture and a test.
And that's about it for my day.
The next day would be IPPT... and something else.
Till then.

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