Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chernobyl of the East?

We've all probably seen and heard about what's going on in Japan right now. A triple whammy.
A 9.0 earthquake, followed by a tsunami that killed thousands already and now an imminent nuclear meltdown... My greatest concern is about the nuclear meltdown.

As we know Chernobyl happened almost 30 years ago. And the fallout reached all the way to America. Tens of thousands of people displaced. Thousands dead, due to radiation. An entire land rendered uninhabitable. Perhaps now it's Japan's turn to become the Chernobyl of the East...

As of right now 4 out of 6 reactors are overheating. Pressure is building up in the reactor. Explosions have wracked these 4 reactors, and the ambient radiation level has risen to dangerous and potentially lethal levels. (3000 millisevierts. 1000 millisevierts is enough to cause temporary radiation sickness)

As of now, the Japanese government has evacuated people from the surrounding area and established a 20km Zone of Exclusion (ZoE). Technicians are doing their best to prevent a meltdown from happening, but they are facing some setbacks. Winds are, fortunately, blowing the fallout towards the sea, but all it takes is a change in wind direction to blow it towards us.

I advise my readers and the general public to go to your local pharmacy and buy at least 2 bottles of Potassium Iodine Solution (KI Solution) mix 130mg of it with a glass of water and drink it for 3-4 days to protect our thyroid and prevent yourself from getting thyroid cancder due to the Iodine-131. 65mg is the child's dosage. Please do this only after the authorities have told you to do so. Also reamin indoors, and do not go out, unless absolutely necessary. If you have to go out, please try to limit your exposure by getting back indoors as soon as possible.

Hopefully a Chernobyl of the East won't happen...e

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