Saturday, February 12, 2011

Drive me crazy, let me be.
Numb myself, start the pain.
Break from reality, start the dream.
The Night Terror it shall be.

I'm breaking myself up. Numbing myself from this world. Putting on my masks, and lowering my guard.
Contradictory, I know. But who among you ever really cares?
I'm a slide show, a curio. A one time circus show.
I'm here for your entertainment. Here for your delight.
Don't mind me if I feel sad. Don't mind me if I'm mad. You'll never know what I really feel. Because, that's the whole beauty of it.
The trick behind the illusion, the mystery of the show.
A rubic's cube that can't be solved. Frustratingly irritating, yet determined to solve.
Hmph. That's what I am. That's what I like to be.
Unreadable, unsolvable. Unbelievable, uncontrollable.
Unliveable, undieable.

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