Thursday, May 13, 2010

Looking back, I see why I liked Hitler.

Placing myself in the shoes of a German citizen.
The anger, the humiliation that I faced.
Our sense of National Pride, taken away from us by the signing of that "Diktat".
Then came along, one obscure man, who promised us more than just work and bread.
Here was a man, an ordinary guy, who would restore our National Pride.
One who would defiantly break the Treaty of Versailles.
Give us more lebensraum.
His anti-semitic views would've spurred me on, and made me believe that the Jews were to blame.
It would be easier blaming someone who's different from us, then to blame my own fellow Germans.
I can see why, I would have voted for him in the elections.

But it's horrific.
The thought of voting for the man who would bring the whole of Europe to the brink of destruction.
Supported by men who believed in a "Total War".
A war that would cost the lives of 50 million soldiers. 6 million Jews.
The almost total destruction of Germany as a Nation...

Just thought I'd do some self reflection...

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OmoiShai said...

You make a good point. Hitler was actually a genius in a sick form. He was able to maniplulate others in believing in his ways of life. However, he was wrong for torturing defensless Jews