Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back home!

Kia Ora! I'm back at last from my 10 day tour of NZ, the land of the long clouds. Well in my previous post I blogged about the first 4 days, now I'm gonna blog about the remainging 6 days.

Day 5 (Christchurch to Queenstown)
Well, as mentioned in my previous post, I went to Queenstown, the main tourist town of the area. On the way there we were supposed to go to Mt. Cook, the tallest mountain in NZ. But unfortunately, due to the weather we could not go up the mountain... We did a jetboat ride, Was a very fun thing to do, gets your adrenaline rushing! Well, anyway the journey from Christchurch to Queenstown took almost the whole day. By the time we reached our hotel in Queenstown, it was already dinner time. We had chinese dinner, and it wasn't bad, rather good even. Afterwich, my family and I went shopping for movie memrobillia. So my mum got lotsa stuff, and I didn't get any Star Wars posters for myself... So in any case we went back to our hotel at around 8-9 pm, then we watched 'The Last King of Scotland' and drank kiwi fruit liquer, ate some kiwi fruit shortbread, chocolate, nuts, whatnot. We enjoyed ourselves.

Day 6 (Queenstown)
So, it was a free day for us so we did alot of optional tours, First thing on or list was to do Nomad Safaris Lord of the Rings tour. They showed us the place where they filmed the Lord of the Rings, and at the same time gave us a chance to pan for GOLD! I didn't strike it rich though... After that we all went horseback riding. It was so fun, and the scenery along the route they took us was just absolutely breathtaking! BUT! I'm never gonna go horseback riding ever again! My groin and butt area still hurts! After that we took the gondola up to the hill where we could play luge. It's so fun! We raced down the hill on our luge and I got 2nd place! We went back to our hotel after that to rest and watch 'Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End'.

Day 7 (Queenstown to Dunedin)
Well, we woke up the next morning and made our way to Dunedin, a place where there is very strong Scottish influence, in it's architecture, food what not. We didn't do much in Dunedin, more of city tour then activities. We then checked in to our hotel and had a 2 course western dinner in our hotel, then we went to their 24-hour convenience store to buy some snacks, then we went back to our rooms to enjoy our snacks and rest.

Day 8 (Dunedin to Christchurch)
We did some last minute shopping in Dunedin and almost ended up buying kilts! Well we left Dunedin at about 10-11am and made our way up north back to Christchurch. On the way back we stopped at Moeraki to take pictures of the Moeraki boulders. The beach was so cold, but my mum and I ended up picking up beautiful seashells! We then continued for another 2 hours from Moeraki to Christchurch. When we reached Christchurch at about 3:30pm, we went shopping and I got a new pair of shoes! We then checked into our hotel before going for Chinese dinner. After the dinner my family and I took the tram for sightseeing before going back to sleep.

Day 9 (Christchurch to Singapore)
We woke up the next morning ready to go home, I'll miss Pete, our coach captain. He's so much fun! Well in anycase we boarded the plane at about 2:15pm and started our 10 hour journey home.

Day 10 (Singapore)
Arrived in Singapore and went home. What else?!

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